Time For A Change

Making a change can be a challenge but it can also be super rewarding and a lot of fun. So how do we know when it is time for a change?

There may be many indicators that change is coming or is needed and the key is to listen to these indicators. This is much like listening and tuning in to your intuition. When a situation begins to feel stagnant and repetitive or you are flooded with negative emotions and you start questioning whether the situation is right for you, that could be a very clear indication that change is required.

Gut reactions are very powerful and often will lead you to make the right choice that's aligned with your values, so learning to feel and listen to those subtle hints is a great start.

When you are aware that your current life situation is not supporting your growing interests that is also a calling to change. It could mean quitting a job, or taking less hours and spending more time focusing on those things that will help you progress in the areas of life you wish to enhance.

One massive piece of resistance and fear around change can be financial worry. Usually, financial worry is unneeded and irrelevant. If you have bills to pay and mouths to feed, put in place a financial plan that will see you cutting costs on the things that are not necessary and putting that money towards essentials. The money you re-allocate could then allow you the flexibility to cut down on hours and give you more time and freedom to pursue other endeavours.

If you wish to travel and don't believe you have enough money, change the way you look at travel. Travelling doesn't have to be expensive. Volunteer with organisations that provide you food and accommodation and all you have to worry about is what you spend on leisure activities. Get low-cost transport to and from places, ride share or befriend the locals. Stay with a local family and experience the culture. See the world differently and change your experiences. Not only will this save you money but you will create amazing memories as well.

If you are feeling as though your friends/family/peer group are not supporting you or not helping you to reach your highest potential this might be an indication to change up your social circle. Introduce yourself to people whose interests align with your current interests. Reduce the time you spend with those who are not supporting you. You don't have to let go of people all together but lessening the time spent with them could allow you the space you need to follow in your new aligned direction. Remember you are the sum of the 5 people you spend your time with.

So when you break it down, change does not have to be hard, challenging or scary. It can be fun, rewarding and exciting. Do not be afraid of change, embrace the unknown instead of fearing it and see where it takes you. Enjoy life, enjoy the journey and remember...it's just a ride!

- Ellen

To hear us discuss these topics in further detail check out Episode 008 of The Podcast here.

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